AGC 2006
Databases & Persistence
Server Architectures

Doug Mellencamp is currently the server lead and one of the founding members at Bioware Austin working on an un-named title where he is designing new server technology for a next generation online game. Before Bioware, Doug worked at Sony (SOE) as the server lead and live lead for Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) which entailed running the day to day technical operations and server technology development. Doug was also a consultant for database technologies in games throughout SOE. Before SOE, Doug worked at Electronic Arts (EA) where he was the manager of engineering for platform and database services. Doug also held a consulting role and helped EA with persistence and database design for all of their MMO games. Doug started his career with EA as a development DBA/server programmer for the Ultima Online franchise. Before games, Doug consulted for the nuclear power industry on large scale enterprise database systems and applications. Doug started his career in technology working for an Anderson offshoot where he worked on hundreds of different projects spanning different technological disciplines.

Doug Mellencamp will be participating in two presentations at the 2006 Austin Game Developer conference. They are database/persistence options and next generation server architectures. The databases presention will be an hour long by Doug alone and the next generation server architecture presentation will be a panel with other industry experts. 

The schedule including Doug's presentations can be found here.